Apartments / Societies

Residents in building societies in India have limited options in healthcare access

  • The type of healthcare plans that are currently available are reactive and come into play only after the onset of the illness.
  • Competent healthcare is rarely available in the neighbourhood.
  • A hospital or clinic visit is a necessity which could be a problem in terms of risk of infection, time and travel requirements etc.
  • The physical doctor consultation process involves setting appointments and travel and wait times for the patient.
  • There are additional issues in terms of repeating the same tiresome process when a review of medication or treatment is required.
  • Another problem emerges when a family member is ill and others are away especially in the case of senior or ill family members. The only way to deal with such a situation is for the persons away have to rush back home or make arrangements to tackle the situation.

Most of medical emergencies are due to latent non -chronic illnesses that are not detected in a reactive healthcare plan.
Telemedicine has been seen as an effective way to deal with non-chronic conditions.

Telemedicine sought to resolve this situation but the avatar we had used till recently was a compromise

  • Limited to chat via smartphone apps or phone calls with limited capability to support the diagnosis.
  • If the doctor needed to get a variety of tests or diagnostics done, it was not well supported.
  • The features and functionalities could not be compared with traditional healthcare.
  • They were limited to the capabilities of smartphones or at the best medical devices with basic features and functionalities.

Telemedicine was being used as a chatting device with the Doctor rather than what it could really be.

We could solve this problem by creating a medical room with evidence-based telemedicine in the building society by VDOC.

Put simply evidence-based telemedicine

  • Uses accurate and verifiable medical patient data to make confident healthcare decisions with treatment quality comparable with traditional healthcare.
  • Offer high quality diagnostics over a wide range of medical parameters including HD quality digital imaging solutions.

The new neighbourhood healthcare ecosystem would be

  • Proactive in terms of regular health screening and vitals capture to detect latent illnesses
  • Would be enabled with nurse assisted evidence-based telemedicine in your locality.
  • We have the ability to collect a wide range of patient data for primary care and speciality care in real time

We offer

  • Advanced solutions capability in evidence-based telemedicine from our multi-award-winning partners in this space.
  • Our partners are global leaders in this space and some of these solutions have been used successfully by prestigious clients like NHS Europe, The White House and even in harsh environments like Africa and the Australian Outback.
  • We have a consultation team of highly experienced doctors on call
  • You get free vouchers for health check-ups or medicines with free proactive health screening in the plan
  • These solutions clear the ambiguity in patient data and diagnostics with accurate and high-quality capture, storage and retrieval with a host of advanced features and functionalities never seen before in India.
  • We are backed by years of successful experience in healthcare in India.

Our promise is of affordable and capable proactive healthcare in your neighbourhood! Let’s talk to take it further to transform the healthcare ecosystem in your neighbourhood!