It has been found in an ASSOCHAM paper that most employees consider company sponsored wellness program act as a motivating factor for them and some were willing to even contribute to them financially.

The need for Employee Healthcare

  • ASSOCHAM report on Preventive Healthcare and its impact on Corporate Sector said that “One rupee spent on prevention saves Rs. 133 in absenteeism costs and Rs. 6.62 in healthcare costs”
  • ASSOCHAM paper: Effective corporate wellness programs could have saved India Inc up to US$ 20 billion by 2018 with a reduction of absenteeism by 1.00 percent.
  • “Higher incidence of illness among employees is costing India Inc dearly with some companies losing as many as 51 working days in a year, a 2007 study by economic think-tank ICRIER has revealed.”

Corporate Medical Rooms are the one of the key ways that companies currently provide healthcare for their employees at work but it is still currently a reactive solution that kicks into play when the damage has been done.

The problems with current employee healthcare:

  • The effort in current employee healthcare is primarily to minimize substantial damage by the ailment before it grows into a chronic problem.
  • There is also a need to deal with latent health issues and not wait for them to manifest especially in companies that truly care for and value their employees.
  • The traditional employee care facility is fixed in location and there is no access to employees in the field or on the go.
  • Access to a doctor is limited by availability, time and location.
  • There is primary care or first aid medical infrastructure on site. The capabilities of the medical room rarely provide anything beyond first aid and is supported by a nearby traditional healthcare facility.
  • Travel times by doctors and patients are a key factor in care delivery.
  • The level of diagnostic solutions is very basic at best with no specialized solutions that can be used anywhere regardless of location by a trained staff.
  • There is no focus on prevention, recovery and effective monitoring of existing ailments on the go.

This could change with a proactive healthcare system by VDOC Clinics enabled with evidence-based telemedicine.

The VDOC Clinics Corporate Healthcare solution

  • Our medical room is proactive rather than reactive and is manned by a trained nurse with access to an evidence-based healthcare ecosystem. In evidence-based telemedicine, we have the ability to collect a wide range of patient data for primary care and speciality care.
  • We offer advanced solutions capability in evidence-based telemedicine from our multi-award-winning partners in this space.
  • They are global leaders in this space and some of these solutions have been used successfully by prestigious clients like NHS Europe, The White House and even in harsh environments like Africa and the Australian Outback.
  • We clear the ambiguity in patient data and diagnostics with accurate and high-quality capture, storage and retrieval with a host of advanced features and functionalities never seen before in India.
  • In such an approach regular check-ups and diagnostics are done on site to proactively deal with latent health issues and provide capabilities that includes access to confident and accurate primary care.
  • The focus extends from prevention to final monitoring and recovery as well as effective monitoring of existing ailments on the go.
  • We have a consultation team of highly experienced doctors on call
  • Employees get plan options for further health check-ups or medicines with free proactive health screening
  • The quality of healthcare of care provided is on par with traditional healthcare facilities without the cost burdens and myriad issues that come with it.
  • We are backed by years of successful experience in healthcare in India.

Such an ecosystem is provided with an affordable subscription model for your employees. The focus is on providing high quality but affordable healthcare for your employees that can translate into a sound return on investment. Let’s talk to take it further!