Educational Institutions

A typical student has issues due to health every year that become a school responsibility

  • Falls ill a several times a year
  • Gets injured due to adventurous activities or accidents in the school

The onus of the child’s well-being is on the school during school time.

Typical schools have the following healthcare facilities

  • A First Aid Room or a nursing assistant with a kit
  • A doctor on call with time slots or the need for an appointment
  • A vehicle to move the child to a nearby hospital/clinic

This does not serve a scenario well when

  • The child has to miss classes even for a minor ailment when they have to visit a clinic
  • The condition is not treated properly due to non-availability of the doctor and goes out of control
  • The child develops a health problem due to latent issues
  • There are disruptions in learning due to inadequate healthcare capability in the school

This could change with an advanced healthcare ecosystem based on advanced telemedicine that

  • Provides a trained nurse with advanced remote diagnostic solutions in the school
  • Provides access to experienced doctors in real time
  • Provides health screening for all students to deal with latent issues and focus on prevention too
  • Provides you with a proactive and state of the art healthcare ecosystem at affordable costs without any compromise on quality
  • Provides your students with proactive and complete primary healthcare capability that is far beyond just first aid
  • Can be integrated easily with the existing setup

At VDOC Clinics

  • Our trained nurses manage medically accurate telemedicine solutions on site and are connected to experienced Primary and Specialty Care Doctors in real time
  • The patient vitals, symptoms and diagnostics are collected by a trained nurse accurately
  • There is no ambiguity in diagnostics and this is backed by a NABL accredited lab and a team of highly experienced Doctors.
  • The complete VDOC solution ecosystem approach is proactive and also focuses on prevention apart from accurate and confident treatment.
  • We have a consultation team of highly experienced doctors on call
  • We offer capable and affordable primary care plans

We offer a promise of advanced, accurate and effective healthcare with the VDOC Clinics ecosystem. This latest and advanced med tech capability enabled ecosystem is available for your health needs at affordable subscription costs. Let’s talk to take it further!