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The problems in a typical Indian state are

  • The pandemic highlighted many gaps in infrastructure and capability that cause concern if similar scenarios recur
  • Lack of high-quality medical equipment and their immovable nature
  • Doctors’ availability and shortage
  • No of PHCs functioning are not enough to cater to the total population
  • There is a shortage of functional emergency healthcare units
  • Some CHCs do not have high performance ratings
  • In the rural and urban areas, people are most dependent on private hospitals or private doctors which is prohibitive
  • Yet to tap the full potential of evidence-based telemedicine and the e-Sanjeevani telemedicine initiative in most states
  • Out of Pocket expenditure by patients is very high in some states for citizens
  • Maintaining infrastructure and equipment at traditional healthcare facilities is a concern especially away from urban areas
  • There are areas which cannot be accessed by traditional healthcare solutions

The VDOC Clinics ecosystem could solve the problems with evidence-based telemedicine enabled primary healthcare ecosystems.

Past telemedicine options were not up to the mark

  • Relied totally on mobile applications and text/voice chats. This led to inaccurate diagnosis of the illness and inaccurate treatment as the quality of patient data gathered was ambiguous.
  • It relied totally on technology friendliness of the patient or caregiver and presupposed that basic patient interaction was enough to inform the doctor about all aspects of his illness.

The new Telemedicine guidelines of 2020

  • Make doctors liable for malpractices
  • Recommend a number of conformances that the past forms of telemedicine cannot offer that include secure data management and storage guidelines.

This status quo changed with the arrival of evidence-based telemedicine by VDOC.

We at VDOC Clinics have partnered with global leaders in remote evidence-based healthcare.

We offer advanced solutions in evidence-based telemedicine from our multi-award-winning partners

  • Our partner solutions have been used successfully by prestigious clients like NHS Europe, The White House and even in harsh environments like Africa and the Australian Outback.
  • They are built with leading standards like ISO 13485 for medical device manufacture and conform to USFDA, HIPAA, GDPR etc.
  • These solutions meet and exceed the Telemedicine Guidelines for 2020 and can also be easily integrated with an existing set up.
  • They are compatible, rugged and portable and can transform an existing clinic setup into one with comparable capabilities like a regular healthcare facility.
  • We clear the ambiguity in patient data and diagnostics with accurate and high-quality capture, storage and retrieval with a host of advanced features and functionalities never seen before in India.
  • They minimize the need for travel times by doctors/patients and the need for additional healthcare infrastructure and resources for effective primary care

VDOC Clinics would like to help set up a comprehensive, end to end healthcare delivery system in Indian states driven by evidence-based telemedicine solutions from global leaders. The focus is on providing high quality but affordable healthcare that can translate into sound return on investment and reduce healthcare gaps. We wish to solve India primary healthcare gap with you!

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