Healthcare Providers

The key problems of access to hospital care are for

  • The hospital and doctors waste a lot of time on non-chronic patients that could be diverted to tele-consultations
  • Requests can come in for patients who are disabled or aged who cannot travel to a location to access medical care or follow up treatment.
  • A lot of procedure follow-up care costs of the hospital and discomfort to the patient
  • It is difficult to monitor effects of clinical trials of medicines used by visiting patients after they leave
  • 24X7 OPD Clinics may receive emergency calls from the ill, aged and the disabled in the locality at odd times

Advanced Telemedicine could offer a way out. The past version of telemedicine does not have the level of clinical functionalities for you to make an accurate diagnosis.

Past telemedicine options were not up to the mark

  • Relied totally on mobile applications and text/voice chats. This led to inaccurate diagnosis of the illness and inaccurate treatment as the quality of patient data gathered was ambiguous.
  • It relied totally on technology friendliness of the patient or caregiver and presupposed that basic patient interaction was enough to inform the doctor about all aspects of his illness.

The new Telemedicine guidelines of 2020

  • Make doctors liable for malpractices
  • Recommend a number of conformances that the past forms of telemedicine cannot offer that include secure data management and storage guidelines.

This status quo changed with the arrival of evidence-based telemedicine by VDOC. It clears the ambiguity in patient data and diagnostics with accurate and high-quality capture, storage and retrieval with a host of advanced features and functionalities never seen before in India.

We at VDOC Clinics have partnered with global leaders in remote evidence-based healthcare.

We offer advanced solutions in evidence-based telemedicine from our multi-award-winning partners

  • Our partner solutions have been used successfully by prestigious clients like NHS Europe, The White House and even in harsh environments like Africa and the Australian Outback.
  • They are built with leading standards like ISO 13485 for medical device manufacture and conform to USFDA, HIPAA, GDPR etc.
  • These solutions meet and exceed the Telemedicine Guidelines for 2020 and can also be easily integrated with an existing set up.
  • They are compatible, rugged and portable and can transform an existing clinic setup into one with comparable capabilities like a regular healthcare facility.
  • They are enabled to function accurately in real time in the four stages of the treatment: patient history, vitals & symptoms; diagnosis, therapy/treatment, follow up

Apart from accurate teleconsultation and diagnostics, we could help

  • Trained nursing staff with evidence-based solutions on site connected to doctors can amplify the care radius and healthcare capability of the hospital efficiently and effectively
  • Provide you with advanced capabilities in remote healthcare not seen before in India
  • You utilize the infrastructure, resources and capabilities for serious patients by freeing up your resources for them. A lot of non-chronic issues can be dealt effectively with evidence-based telemedicine.
  • These solutions are capable enough to be used as additional or back up equipment in the hospital.
  • Our solutions are affordable while being capable with conformance to leading certifications and standards.

We are backed by years of successful experience in healthcare in India. The focus is on enabling you with high quality but affordable remote healthcare that can translate into sound return on investment. Let’s talk to take it further!