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As a patient

  • Highly contagious diseases have made hospital visits a possible risk for getting infections. especially evident during the pandemic
  • Most people rely on health insurance or other healthcare plans that are reactive in nature that come into play after the onset of the illness. OPD consultations are also not a part of health insurance plans

As a patient you are more open to new med tech technologies like telemedicine post the onslaught of the pandemic. Visiting hospitals also has huge waiting times with an overburdened healthcare infrastructure and doctor availability.

Telemedicine had offered a way out with time and cost savings but there was a problem as existing telemedicine options were .....?

  • Relied totally on mobile applications and text/voice chats. This led to inaccurate diagnosis of the illness and inaccurate treatment as the quality of patient data gathered was ambiguous.
  • Relied totally on technology friendliness of the patient or caregiver and presupposed that basic patient interaction was enough to inform the doctor about all aspects of his illness.

This sadly was not the case and ended up with inappropriate treatment for many cases and the patient having to make a traditional doctor visit at a hospital or a clinic.

The status quo has changed with the introduction of evidence-based telemedicine by VDOC. We at VDOC Clinics provide evidence-based healthcare to create an advanced and accurate healthcare ecosystem for you. We are backed by years of successful experience in healthcare in India.

At VDOC Clinics

  • Our trained nurses manage medically accurate telemedicine solutions and connection to experienced Primary and Specialty Care Doctors in real time
  • The patient vitals, symptoms and diagnostics are collected by a trained nurse accurately
  • There is no ambiguity in diagnostics and this is backed by a NABL accredited lab and a team of highly experienced Doctors.
  • The complete VDOC solution ecosystem approach is proactive and also focuses on prevention apart from accurate and confident treatment.
  • We offer capable and affordable primary care plans

We offer a promise of advanced, accurate and effective healthcare with the VDOC Clinics ecosystem. This latest and advanced med tech capability enabled ecosystem is available for your health needs at affordable subscription costs. Let’s talk to take it further!